Garden Bollard Lights

Bollard lights look like miniature street lights. They work well in larger gardens and outdoor spaces and are available in a range of sizes and styles. As well as giving careful thought to the size and style that you choose, you should also consider how light is emitted. Some bollards provide 360 degrees of light, which are ideal for large, open spaces. Others shine in a single direction, providing a narrower beam of light and illuminating what is directly in front of it, rather than what’s around it. Use garden bollard lights for driveways, wider garden paths and lawns.


Outdoor Spotights

Spotlights can be mounted in an elevated position on walls or trees and angled downwards; or placed at ground level on a spike, pointing upwards or level. They provide a wide beam of light to illuminate a large area. Spotlights are generally mains or battery powered, however there are also solar powered options, but these will not provide as high a light output. Use outdoor spotlights to illuminate paths, driveways and lawns from above; and trees, bushes and walls from the ground. Bear in mind that this type of light emits a wider splash of light, and are best used in large, open areas; or angled upwards at the base of trees and bushes to illuminate them.